Damn you economy, damn you!

They are cutting hours at work. Why? Because the store isn't making, or taking in, as much money as its fellow stores which in return falls on us, the employees. What this mean is that with the lack of money coming in equals to our hours being cut back. The worst thing of all is that I found this out by "word of mouth", not by my superiors...what the hell kind of crap is that?!?!? Also, at the same time of getting our hours cut back the store is still hiring more people. Economist, whomever you are, how in the hell does that work?!?!
Since I have started work I have been working for about 40hours a week, not bad at all. Actually, the other day I was talking to my mom and she had told me that I'm making WAY more than a Spaniard who is starting out his/her career (ie: going into a law firm, etc.). Crazy, right? That's the Spanish economy for you, which, by the way, its at 20%!!!
I'm just annoyed and pissed off, like everyone else at work, because of this. I remember searching and searching for jobs and I finally got one, not my dream one, but I got one. I remember getting my first, second, third....paychecks, and I was purely and plainly satisfied that my hard work at work was compensating. But now that I switched departments and I'm working even harder than before my hard work isn't getting compensated for that much, just like everyone else, and it just sucks. BOO :(

ps. I forgot to add this tidbit of information that Sarah at Adventures in Life (thanks for reminding me!) reminded me of. The rumors are true. This past week they cut our hours to 30 and now to 20.


  1. I've learned not to listen to rumors. I wouldn't take any of it seriously until a manager actually tells you that your hours are getting cut personally.

  2. I knew I forgot to add this tidbit of information, but I forgot..silly me. They are not rumors. My hours got cut back to 20 hours a week.

  3. That sucks... I feel for you.

    As for the "hiring more people while cutting back hours." I hate that they do that, but legally, if people work 32+ hours a week, the employer has to pay full-time benefits (health insurance, paid vacation/sick, etc.) so many place (especially retail and other hourly jobs) they prefer to hire more employees part-time than give full salary positions to fewer full-timers.

    We did that at my old job... and I hated it. I would personally have fewer competent/hard-working employees than sheer numbers.. so much harder to train/schedule.

    But good luck for you! I hope you get more hours.. Could be worse.. I am still looking for a job :(

  4. That stinks. I took a paycut at work and had my hours cut. I'm just happy OccDoc won't be laid off anytime soon!

  5. That stinks. Keep your chin up though. Everything will work out.

    I actually had a dream last night that the economy turned around. ;)

  6. thanks ladies!
    I'm just hoping things will start looking up.


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