Deployment Calendar Countdown

So I decided to make a deployment calendar countdown, even though its technically a "count-up". 

This is my first crafty project I have done in...in a long time, so bear with me. Also, I'm trying to get all artsy with my camera. I'm such a LOSERRRRR :)

What you will need:

- Scrapooking paper (I got two kinds, solid and patterns)
- scissors
- single-hole punch
- stickers (lots of 'em!)
- glue
not picture:
- fasteners
- monthly calendars  (I printed mine off of iCal)

I then, sketched out an idea...
a VERY faint idea of what I wanted to make.

Next stage is the cutting, pasting and putting together:

Finally, la pièce de résistance...

the Deployment Calendar Countdown.


  1. Very crafty! And I love getting artsy with pictures like this. Nothing wrong with that!

  2. *err, i lost my comment the first time. hate when that happens...

    It's supercute! And, I seriously hope this goes fast for you.

    (also, i threw your button on my blogroll, and like the geek i am stopped by to see if you had mine anddd, you do. thank you. lol. but, you have the old one! haha. stop by and grab the new one love!)

  3. Good for you, you should ask around if anyone has a dounut of dispair..it is a pretty cool computer app..had it back in 2003 during first Iraq but long since have stopped counting..lol. Hope it helps check your days off fast!


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